Birdz have Landed

Paul SearleNews

Birdz Button

Got time for a quick flutter? ‘Cos the Birdz have landed!

Birdz is a brand new style of Cascading Slots game! With every new play, a flock of Birdz will fly towards you and land on the telephone wires. Match 3, 4 or 5 of the same colour on any of 30 pay lines for your chance to win big!

Winning cascades allow you to build big wins from small beginnings. New Birdz drop in as you create wins, offering even more chances to ruffle some feathers with a BIG WIN!

Gaining one or more winning cascades in a row activates the Birdz Egg Trail feature. This trail counts up by one for every winning cascade you make. When the cascading wins stop, crazy reel modifiers such as Cracking Wilds, Scarecrow, Pecking Order, ZAP and Shotgun make even more wins! Even better, make a new win and the Birdz Egg Trail starts climbing up again!

With a flash of lightning and the darkening of the sky, things are about to get frantic! It’s Bird Blitz time! Bird Blitz occurs randomly at the end of a losing game….the Birdz will continue to ?y in until a win is created!